Return policy

Return policy 2nd Culture

As stated in our Terms and Conditions you have the right to return or exchange products within the trial period of 14 days. If the product delivered by 2nd Culture is not returned within 14 days of receipt, the transaction is accepted by the consumer and no return claims can be made.

2nd Culture only accepts the return or exchange of products under the following conditions:
- The product is returned in the exact same condition as it was sent
- 2nd Culture labels have not been removed. Labels that were removed and re-attached to the products are not accepted and result in a refusal of the return.
- All other tags are not removed
- Shoes are still attached to each other with the 2nd Culture seal. Seals that were removed and re-attached are not accepted and result in a refusal of the return.
- Boxes and packaging are undamaged.
- Shoes are returned in the original shoebox if 2nd Culture has provided it. The use of an outer box to make sure the original box is not damaged is mandatory for all returns.
- 2nd Culture has pictures of each individual item to proof the condition. The reason for this is that a lot of products have been worn before. 2nd Culture only uses these pictures to determine if a returned product has been worn by a consumer and he or she claims contrary. When doubt arises the consumer is responsible to proof to 2nd Culture that the item has not been worn or used for purposes other than fitting.
- Washed products are not accepted and result in a refusal of the return.
- When a product is returned it should be complete. That means that also wrapping paper in the shoebox, extra laces, stickers and other accessories that are part of the product and that were sent by 2nd Culture should be returned. Incomplete products are not accepted and result in a refusal of the return.
- A return form should have been received by 2nd Culture before the goods arrive.
- The consumer is responsible for the cost of the return. Returns are accepted by courier or by drop-off at 2nd Culture, Rosmarijnsteeg 6a, 1012 RP, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
- The consumer sends the Track & Trace code by mail to 2nd Culture to guarantee a smooth return process.
- The consumer remains responsible for the product also during the time that the product is in the possession of an external courier. The insurance of the product is at the decision of the consumer.
- 2nd Culture will return the amount of the value of the product minus the shipping cost to the consumer within 14 days after accepting the return.

Any questions concerning our return policy can be sent to:

You can download your return form here.